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The Influencer's Handbook


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Even if you don’t have a gazillion followers, you are still an influencer. I created this little book for you so you can make the most of what you've got, while building the platform of your dreams!

  • What question you should ask yourself before you hit 'post' on any damn thing at all.
  • A solid way to bring yourself down from Internet Overwhelm, and find your centre so you can keep posting your best stuff.
  • How to connect deeply to the people you want to help, so you can have the most influence, and create a win-win buzz around everything you put out! 

Hi! I'm Sunny!


Maximizing your influence will not only help you build your business, create a brand, and ultimately, craft a life that you’re happy to lead, but it also helps other people, which I think is crucial to come back to over and over again.

Sunny Lenarduzzi • Digital Marketing Strategist • Sunny Lenarduzzi Inc.