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0 TO $500,000, 400,000 subscribers & 75,000 email list

Linda Raynier
Topic: Career Coach
I'll finish 2018 with $500,000 in sales, which happened very quickly working with Sunny. I also now have over 400,000 Youtube subscribers and over 75,000 email subscribers, and I started from ZERO!

We passed 7 figures using Youtube with #TeamSunny's help!

Mike Quist
Topic: Countertops/Trades
Results: Generated multiple 7 figures, grew to 22 employees, over 300,000 subscribers.

"100,000 subscribers & $150,000 months in 1 year!!"

Quazi Johir
Law of Attraction Practitioner
Results: Quazi enrolled in our programs when he has 1,900 subscribers and within 1 year, he surpassed 100,000 subscribers and scaled from $20,000 months to $150,000 months.

$74,000 and the BEST month in my coaching business in 4 years!

Brandon Mulrenin
Real Estate Agent & Coach
Results: Went from $20k per month to $74k in 1 month of joining the Authority Accelerator!! YouTube is now generating consistent leads and sales, versus relying on paid advertising that proved difficult to scale.


We are on a mission to elevate experts by giving them the strategy and tools to share their unique genius on a bigger stage, attract a global audience of followers and customers, and create a legacy business that will live on long after they’re gone. 

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What is the Authority Accelerator? 

The Authority Accelerator is our signature program which includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live consulting Q&A calls with Sunny, and an exclusive mastermind of supportive entrepreneurs working side-by-side to help you scale your audience, authority, impact, and income leveraging our best-in-class strategy.  

The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and support you need to create a highly profitable online business leveraging organic marketing strategies. 

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone who is an expert at what they do and wants to scale their expertise by bringing it online. If you are an online coach, consultant or expert - this is for you.  

When does it start?

You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate and lifetime access to our online curriculum, live calls, and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey, as you have immediate lifetime access to the program, when you enroll.  

What does it include?

The program takes you through the entire process of building your profitable online business.  



In the TEST phase, you'll achieve business lift off in 30 days! From designing a course that sells before you even create it, discovering the most profitable niche in your industry, and leveraging your sales machines for consistent clients - this will set the foundation for you to blow up your business. You will master the sales process and understand the art of selling with ease. We'll provide you with our sales script that has generated well over $3,000,000 in revenue and how to organize your sales process. And, You will be armed with our on-demand client attraction techniques, to start generating sales, even if you don’t have an audience or a funnel in place. The methods are easy and fast to implement for any level of business.


In the BUILD phase, you’ll be introduced to the sales machine that will run your business on auto-pilot, the niche down strategy to find the most profitable niche for your business (even if you already have a niche), and the basis for building your offer that will attract paying clients. 


In the ACCELERATE phase, We dive deep into attracting leads and sales on autopilot using YouTube. You will understand the fundamentals of YouTube, how to set up your channel to be a client magnet, how to measure the metrics that matter, and how to accelerate your growth on this platform. We take you through the 4 phases of YouTube success - from finding the most profitable content topics to creating your video content to optimizing it properly to distributing it for max views and velocity. We equip you with the metrics that matter and how to properly track your business growth with our pre-formulated spreadsheets that will allow you to track your growth and success.


In the SCALE phase, you will gain clarity on how to optimize your time with daily, weekly, and monthly workflow outlines and you’ll be able to clearly identify who you need to hire to continue your growth. You will know how to scale your offer and turn it into your own online course, so you can impact more people and generate more revenue with more ease. We break down the business basics to ensure your business is set up for success from all angles - including legal and collecting payments.

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Over $200K directly from Youtube!

“With Sunny and her team’s help, we were able to launch a branded, professional YouTube channel, and actually get people over there watching our videos! They get huge value from our videos, and then they join our community, and eventually become clients. It’s an incredible system.  

In the past 12 months, we’ve earned $200,000 directly from YouTube, as a result of Sunny’s system."

Carolin Soldo | Business Coach for Passion-Based Coaches.

"Using the Authority Accelerator, I DOUBLED clients & my PROGRAM PRICE!"

Prior to joining The Authority Accelerate, Charlie had spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how make her online business work - but nothing was working. By following the steps in our Authority Accelerator program, she DOUBLED her client base and DOUBLED the price of her program!

Charlie Jordan Brookins | Faith Based Fitness Expert 

"4x'd my investment within 2 weeks with my brand new course!" 

After trying everything to build her business, including investing a lot into Facebook ads, nothing was working. Glory enrolled in our Authority Accelerator program and within 2 weeks of implementing our method, she had her best 2 weeks in her business EVER! $15,000 in revenue in 2 weeks for her brand new beta course. And within just a few months, she's now enrolled 41 students for her high ticket online course using our entirely organic marketing strategy.

Gloria St. Germain | Music Theory Educator

$700 in 3 HOURS from his 1st video!

Generating sales on autopilot from his YouTube channel for his program on test prep for Certified Management Accountants.

Nathan Liao | Accountant  

Sales are higher than EVER! $16,500 in sales in 20 days with his Evergreen Sales Machine!!

Grew by 1,500 subscribers on his channel, set up his evergreen funnel to generate $16,500 in revenue in 20 days, and is experiencing true freedom in his business and lifestyle!

Trevor Jones | Real Estate Marketing  

6,000 subscribers in 1 month & $5,000/week!

Went from vlogging everyday with no success or revenue, after starting The Sunny System, he gained 6,000 subscribers this month! Now, he's generating $5,000-$7,000 per week from YouTube.

Casey Zander | Dating and Masculinity Coach  

"Revenue went from $1,500 a month to $8,000 within 2 months of joining the Authority Accelerator!!"

Richa was feeling stuck on YouTube and wasn't seeing any conversions from her channel, prior to joining the Authority Accelerator. Within 2 months of enrolling, her subscribers grew by 200% and went from doing $1,500/month to $8,000/month in her coaching business.

Richa Prasad | Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Coach  

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"From 0 clients and 0 subscribers to $14,000 months in 6 months!"

Geoffrey struggled to get his business of the ground for a year, prior to joining The Authority Accelerator. He had enrolled in many other courses, without much success. 6 months in, I'm at 1,100 subscribers and hitting $14,000 months in his business!

Geoffrey Setiawan | Marriage Consultant

5-Figure launch 1,500 email subscribers! 

600 to 1,500 email leads, 5-figure launch, 300 to 1,000 Facebook group member.

Natasha Watley | Two Time Softball Olympian

$160,000 in revenue in 3 months & 20,000 subscribers!!

Grew to 20,000 subscribers and hit a record revenue month in the first month of being in our Authority Accelerator program of $68,000. And within 3 months, generated more than $160,000 from his channel.

Rafael Cintron | E-commerce & Dropshipping Expert